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01 June 2011 @ 06:19 pm
For Glory_jean  

I've tried to send you this in a pm several times but lj hates me right now. 


Hi Glory

Not sure if you've seen but we broke the 8000 signature mark today.  Possibly might be a few duplicates to delete.  I'm not sure.  Twitter is alight with tweets about the petition so its being pushed hard to try and break the 10000 mark.  Hamlet apparantly got 7892 signatures so we've now beaten that.

Just wondering if you could update the blog on the signature page to include the facebook page site as well.  We currently have 561 likes there but more would be good.

Also I'm just wondering if another quick email to the producers is a good idea.  Last time you emailed them we had less than half the signatures but now with our growing numbers it might be goodto give them an update.  Hopefully they will start tohear about the petition from other sources as well.  I purchased a shirt and coffee mug from an official seller on ebay and told him about the petition as well.  He said he would pass on the info to the producers too.

Damn having seen the latest pics on lj today, this just has to happen.

Thanks also for your hugs in my recent post.  I am able to talk today in squeaky tones but not pushing it too hard or it will go again. 

Cheers Marg.


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glory_jean: Donnaglory_jean on June 2nd, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)
I noticed that note last night (about the 8000 signatures) on the FB page. Hurray. I'll double check the petition this evening. I'm trying to check for doubles weeks apart but have not found a way to do that would be impossibly difficult.

Great news about the tweets!

Also if you check the links on the right side of the petition page, I do have FB page linked.

Glad you're getting better. I've set LJ to tell me if any posts come into the comm in the future in case LJ gives you grief again. You can always email too. I do check that, even if I am a neglectful beta these days. ;)
emraldeyedauter: davidmaannavyemraldeyedauter on June 2nd, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
Ah cool I didn't see that link to the facebook site before. Thanks for pointing it out.

Yes it would be impossible to check for every single duplicate especially with the huge numbers we have now. I don't think the producers would be sitting there going through every single one anyway.

Lj seems back to normal today but do I have your email? I can't remember as Rachel usually sends you the chapters.

I haven't wanted toask since Iknow you are so busy butdo you think you might get the chanceto look at the story at some point? Its been a while since we updated the story so would liketo post them. If you don't think you can I could ask a coupleof other people but I'll leave the decision to you.:D I'm not sure how Rachel is placed to write the follow up as we haven't caught up in a while. :(

Either way lady you are a star!